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Wikipedia Forever

Could you imagine that wikipedia, this amazing resource is still free ? Now, when everybody tries to make some money with any traffic and wikipedia 7ranked (Alexa) site in the whole world doesn’t. Its fantastic resource where I could spend hours whenever I need some reliable information on any topic in the world or I am bored and just read whatever comes. Sometimes I even don’t google anymore I use wiki instead, even if I do I am using it something like – <topic> “wiki”. Its irreplaceable resource for any person who is constantly learning something new.

I hope it will remain free and won’t become some commercial giant, because then it won’t be a great loss, because it would lose the idea, the essence. Wikimedia Foundation needs donations now. I am encouraging any habitual wiki user to donate at least few bucks. I guess, if all users would donate at least 1$ the current target goal 14$ million would be reached quite easily. So, do it now:

Wikipedia Affiliate Button