Painting in Acrylics

Added new page Paintings. Here I will add all my new creations in acrylics media. Well these creations are nothing special so far as I am just starting to learn and feel this new world. It is still a very new area to me. Most of the time, since my teenage years I was doing graphics mostly with graphite or ink. But at some point in my life I found this completely new world – the world of color.  I was amazed by impressionism and for some time I was trying painting using oils, just before starting my studies in computer science. But oils for me was very demanding media – it was drying very slowly and you couldn’t paint in a living room because of the smell. Since I was living in a student dorm with some other fellow students, oils were not an option.  Later  I tried watercolors, but it was just too much for me – such an unforgivable  media. However the story with acrylics is completely different, after I found this media, I just can’t stop admiring it. And here is why:

  • There is no bad smell, actually no smell at all or at most it is very mild one, like watercolors for example.
  • Acrylics dries fast. And you can dry them even faster, for example using your wife’s old hair dryer.
  • If you like to stop them from drying too quickly just keep them wet by using simple water atomizer.
  • You can work with acrylics as with watercolors or oils. It just takes what is best from both medias.
  • Acrylics surface is mat then dried, but if you want your work to be gloss just use any gloss varnish.

And sometimes I can’t understand why people are even bothering with oils, acrylics are so much better. Well, but probably people just like what they are used to and why would anyone need to change his “tool” when he have already mastered it. But if you ever doubt what you should start with I would say – acrylics, definitely.

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